Quality Process & Assurance

Quality Policy

Quality has been the forte of Sanjivani since its beginning in 1997.  It has been one of the biggest factors for growth.  Total commitment to quality, coupled with international exposure & expertise of technology, helps us in our efforts to grow globally.  At the core of our Quality Philosophy is the commitment to achieve a level of perfection that matches the highest international standards.

Sanjivani’s high-tech laboratory set up is equipped with facilities for chemical and instrumental analysis.  Capable of undertaking the most comprehensive tests, the laboratory has equipment sourced from internationally renowned suppliers. This facility is validated as per international regulatory authorities' expectations. A dedicated validation team works continuously to achieve the highest levels of quality in production and ensures the same. 

Quality Assurance

There are separate teams for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) to achieve quality throughout the production process.   These teams ensure that the core value of the company, of providing the highest standards of quality, is protected.

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