Global Operations

Global Reach

After establishing itself in India, Sanjivani has extended its reach globally by entering the markets of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.  The company has active presence in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kenya  Fiji, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Peru, Belgium, Congo, Carson, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Nicaragua, El-salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican republic, Cameron and central American countries to name a few.  The company has also got its plant approved by the registration authorities of Congo, Sudan and Sri Lanka.  The company is making its presence felt in the world market now, through leveraging its manufacturing capacity, quality of products and international alliances.

International business contribute about 30% of the company’s revenue and it is set to grow to more than 50% in the coming 2 years.  This includes the sales of Sanjivani’s own brands and the revenue from the contract manufacturing services that the company provides to its overseas clients.  The company is in the making of a strong base to broaden its horizons. 

Sanjivani has been a regular supplier to the armed forces’ hospitals in India.  Furthermore, many government and private hospitals have availed of the products and services offered by Sanjivani across the country.  The company also has its own marketing operations in India and boasts of over 1000 distributors all over India.

Contract Manufacturing

Sanjivani offers the CRAMS (Contract Research And Manufacturing Services) model for the overall growth of its business. The company has been investing a lot in research and manufacturing facilities, to comply with the global standards and to meet the ever-growing international requirements of quality.  Sanjivani offers Contract Manufacturing facility to the clients who are based outside of India, in the regulated and semi-regulated markets from all over the world.  The company also offers similar services to companies in India.

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